Embed a Video in Blackboard

This tutorial will show you how to embed videos from the web into Content Areas in Blackboard and into the Text Editor. If your video is not able to be embedded because there is no embed code you can simply link to it by grabbing the URL and creating a Web Link to the video’s address online. (Note: Many but not all popular video services provide embed codes).

1-In the webpage where you have the video you would like to embed to your Bb course site, find the HTML code and copy it. Youtube.com is used as an example here. Other websites may have different look and options:

In YouTube, below the video that you would like to embed in your Bb course site, click Share, then click Embed, then select the HTML code that starts by “<iframe” and copy it (right mouse button and select copy or hit Ctrl+C)


2- Now you have the code copied, access your course in Bb and make sure that Edit Mode is ON


3-Make sure you have access to the FULL text Editor by expanding all menu icons using the top-right double arrow button:


4- In the Blackboard Text Editor, choose the HTML code button:


5-A new text box will pop-up. Paste in the entire HTML embed code that you copied from step 1 (the YouTube example), using the right mouse button and select pate or hit Ctrl+V, then click on the Update button on the lower right side of the text box.

NB: Any HTML embed code inserted into Blackboard MUST come from a secure website.

The code MUST have HTTPS. If your code does not have HTTPS, it will NOT show up.


6- A yellow box should appear in the Text Editor. This is your video that you are embedding. You can add text below that yellow box or above it. You can also make it bigger by dragging its right side corners. Click Submit and you will see that your embedded video has been added: