How to Create, Deploy, and Review Test results in Blackboard

Creating a Test:

Step 1: From the Control Panel, select Course Tools and then select Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Tests



Step 2: Select Build Test



Step 3: Provide a name for your test, the description and instructions are optional.


Click Submit.
Step 4: Add Questions to your test. Click on the drop down arrow next to Create Question to view the
various question types.

Step 5: Enter the Question Text.

Step 6: Select the Number of Answers, enter the possible answer choices, and mark the correct answer.

Step 7: Enter Feedback (optional) for the student to see.
Step 8: Categories and Keywords are not necessary unless you want to use those features.
Step 9: Click Submit.
Step 10: Repeat Steps 4-9 to add additional questions to your test.

Deploying a Test:

Step 1: Select the Content Area (Assignments, Course Documents, and Learning Modules) where you want to add a test and select the appropriate option from drop-down arrow next to the Assessments menu item and select Test.



Step 2: Select the appropriate test from your list of existing tests (in the list, you will see only NON deployed tests).


Step 3: Choose the options that you want applied to this test or survey. Note: Make sure that you select “yes” to Make the Link Available or your students will not have the ability to see the survey or test


**Test Availability Exceptions allows you to set the set differently for students who need extra time, extra attempts and extra availability dates to take the test. This is how you allow student who have a disability to take extra time in the tests.


You can setup a due date for the tests and check an option to prevent students taking the tests after the deadline. Students will receive a message after the due date, notifying them that the test can no longer be completed.

Choose the self-assessment, feedback, and presentation options that you w ant applied to the test/survey and then click Submit when finished. Results of your test/survey will be found in the Grade Center.


Feedback Options:

In the Show Results and Feedback to Students section, you can set which results and feedback are available to students after they complete a test or survey. You can set one or two rules using the drop-down lists. You cannot choose some rules in combination. After you select a rule in the first drop-down list, some may not appear in the second drop-down list.

If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or group of users is granted. For example, students will receive the greatest number of attempts and longest availability time.

The following image shows the two default options applied to tests: After Submission and Score per Question. If you make no changes in this section, students see their overall test scores and the scores earned for each individual question after they submit their tests. Select more options to determine what else they see, such as the correct answers or your feedback.


*** Please Note: Students can always see their overall test scores. You cannot change that option from this page. If you do not want them to see their scores yet, access the Grade Center column’s contextual menu and hide the column from students. However, when you hide a test column from students, they see nothing about the test in My Grades. When they access the test in the content area, they receive a message stating when they submitted the test. No scores appear.***


Q: How do I export my test or survey to another course?

The Test and Survey Managers let you import and export tests and surveys for content and collaboration. Tests or surveys can be reused by exporting the entire test to your local computer, and then importing the file into another course’s Test or Survey Manager. When the test or survey is imported, modifications may be made to customize it for the new course.


Step 1: Go to the Control Panel and select Course Tools, then select Tests, Surveys and Pools. Select either Tests or Surveys depending on which assessment you wish to export.

Step 2: Click the grey arrow and then select export.

Step 3: Save the .zip file to your computer. Do not open/unzip it.


Step 1: Go to the Control Panel of the new course. Select either Tests or Surveys depending on which assessment you wish to import.

Step 2: Click Import.

Step 3: Browse to the saved .zip file and click Submit.

Step 4: The test uploads and is added to your list of available tests.

Q: How do I view grades?

When students take a test in Blackboard, their score is automatically entered in the Grade Center. To view a student’s individual question responses, click the Double-down arrow in the student’s score field and select Grade Details. Instructors can also download Survey and Test results to Excel. Go to the appropriate assessment column in the Grade Center, click on the grey arrow and select Download Results. Be sure to select T ab in order to open the file directly in Excel and then Click to download results.

Q: How do I grade the short answer questions?

Assessments that require grading (short answer or essay questions) will appear as an exclamation point in the Grade Center. Put your cursor in the Grade Center cell of an individual student’s assessment, click Grade Details to see the student’s individual answers. When the Grade Details page appears, click the Open Attempt. You can modify the point distribution for any question by placing your cursor in the textbox for a given question and editing the number of points shown. T hen, click Submit to save any changes.

Q: How secure are on-line tests?

How can I make them more secure? In any online test, there is a risk of cheating. At this time, there is no way to be certain your student is the one actually taking the test or is not using unapproved sources to find the answers. This does not mean that the test feature is Blackboard should not be used. To increase test security you can add passwords, randomize questions, set time limits, or administer them in a proctored lab environment. One good use of the test feature in Blackboard is for practice or review tests. The Allow Multiple Attempts setting will let the student take the test and return to re-take it after reviewing the material. The random sampling and question pool features are helpful in providing different versions of each test.


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