August 18, 2022

Faculty Mentoring Lunch

MU - Stouffer Lounge

Do you have a desire to see newer faculty to succeed at FHSU? Are you concerned with helping newer faculty to effectively navigate the tenure and promotion processes? If so, we encourage you to become [...]

TILTed Tech: Writing & Critical Thinking: An Engaging Approach for Teaching F2F

MU - Stouffer Lounge

To view the recordings from each session, please click the links below. KEYNOTE Writing and Critical Thinking: An Engaging Approach, Low-Stakes Writing, High-Stakes Writing Responding to Writing Learn more about using [...]

Clifton Strengths Engaged

MU - Stouffer Lounge

Do you want to take your understanding of your unique CliftonStrengths to the next level? CliftonStrengths Engaged takes participants' previous knowledge of their Top 5 to a deeper, more challenging, and more significant place. In [...]


Promotional Panel

MU - Stouffer Lounge

The Offices of the Provost and Teaching Innovation and Learning Technology (TILT) are delighted to co-sponsor and bring back the Promotional Panel this year. The panel will consist of the following FHSU colleagues: Jill Arensdorf, [...]

TILTed Tech Mini-Conference: Accessibility for Inclusive Instruction

MU - Stouffer Lounge

Accessibility best practices can make learning environments more inclusive for all. Whether you’re working to convert existing material to be more accessible or designing new content with accessibility in mind, this mini-conference will provide inspiration [...]

Leaderful Women: Becoming a Person of Influence

MU - Stouffer Lounge

Researchers have found that women tend to have distinct leadership styles. In fact, women in the workforce have unique opportunities and challenges not always shared by their male peers. Funneling natural female strengths into action [...]


TILTed Tech: Assignment & Rubric Design

MU - Stouffer Lounge

Effective assignment and rubric design can clarify learning objectives, improve student performance, reduce questions, and improve grading. Learn practical strategies for tweaking assignments, developing rubrics, and how rubrics can impact your students. Registration is now open!   [...]


New Faculty Knowledge Feast: Early Tiger Alert

MU - Stouffer Lounge

These breakfasts are designed for first- or second-year faculty to dive deeper into topics. On September 23, a panel will share what Early Tiger Alert is, how it works, and the best ways instructors find [...]

Tenure Panel

MU - Stouffer Lounge

The Offices of the Provost and teaching Innovation and Learning Technology (TILT) are delighted to co-sponsor this activity again this year. Although the discussion will focus more on the 1st and 2nd year tenure track [...]