Zoom/ilos Integration

Zoom, the virtual meeting platform, has integrated with ilos, enterprise video platform offered through TILT. This integration allows you to consolidate all of your recordings in one location.

The process for hosting and recording videos on Zoom has not changed. The change affects recordings saved to the Zoom Cloud. Faculty and staff schedule a meeting, once the meeting is over they press stop, and eventually a recording of that meeting is uploaded under “My Recordings” in the Zoom Cloud. If users have an ilos account, the integration causes a duplicate of the recording to be uploaded onto their ilos account. If an ilos account is not set up, any recordings will be sent to the ilos Administrator’s, Nathan Riedel’s, account.

After 5 days, the recordings on your Zoom account are deleted; however the copy of that video will still be in either your or Nathan Riedel’s ilos account. If you do not have an ilos account and you need these videos, contact him and he will get them to you.

You can contact Nathan Riedel at nlriedel@fhsu.edu

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