Student Engagement: How To Help Students Succeed in the Online Environment

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Online learning has become an innovative way for busy college students to take the classes they need while still having time to work and participate in other activities. Virtual classrooms have many pros but they lack that crucial face-to-face interaction and engagement between students and professors. Paula M. Bigatel, a professor at Penn State, wrote an article for Faculty Focus on what students felt promoted engagement best in online courses. Below are some highlights from the students she quoted on encouraging engagement:

  • Students view engagement as active and timely participation to understand the course material…and feel supported by the instructor to learn.
  • Students feel most engaged when they feel the material can be applied personally.
  • For students, engagement is understanding the concepts and applying them to the real world, not just interacting with others.

To read the full article and see some strategies for faculty follow this link:

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