TILTed Tech – Tools and Methods for Collaborative Learning Part 1

Hear from faculty about various ways of building collaborative learning into classroom activities and long-term projects. See presenters and topics for each date during registration process. In this video, you’ll learn about:

Team Charters – by Ron Rohlf (Informatics)
A Team Charter can help students create clarity and accountability regarding the expectations, roles, and deadlines for their work. Learn about how to use a Team Charter with your collaborative student teams.

Jigsaw Grouping – by Dr. Lori Patrick (Biology)
Jigsaw activities are a great way to introduce students to content while they interact with each other in small groups. This teaching technique works well in both lecture and lab settings.

Collaborative Learning with Students in China – by Dr. Bruce Miller and Jane Miller (Business)
The mini-session will focus on: Restrictive ‘freedom’ – being in control and giving the students leeway; Grading collaborative projects – ensuring equal participation; Methods students use – focus on results.

Collaborative Learning Handout: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yGaOsh8z5M_SSRGmSHAYrLKKf_c9eC0X/view?usp=share_link
Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jUNL2gCaYJlNhlDpFWDVi7V_rzYfEmyk/view?usp=share_link


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