Guidelines for Posting Photos/Avatars in Bb Profiles

Blackboard now allows users to include a photo in their online profile. This image will appear beside your name when you post messages (for example, in the Discussion Board or in blogs) and also on the roster the instructor sees.

Please consider the following when setting up your profile photo:

  • Select a “head shot” picture, rather than a zoomed-out, head-to-toe photo. The image will be small on the screen so a close-up of your face will work best.
  • Choose a high-quality photo that presents you in a positive, professional manner. Do not upload cartoon drawings, random images, or a photo of your dog. You are not anonymous within the Bb environment, so assume that anyone at FHSU could someday see this photo.
  • The image needs to be formatted as a square, with a recommended size of 150 x 150 pixels. Bb will squish a rectangular image into a square and distort your photo, so format the picture before saving it to use in Bb.
  • You can later decide to turn off (not display) your photo or you can replace it, but you cannot remove the photo option from your profile.
  • For other information regarding appropriate use of FHSU computing resources, see:

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