Introducing the OSCQR Rubric for Quality Online Courses


Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies (TILT) uses the Online Course Quality Review Rubric (OSCQR) to support faculty in developing and maintaining quality online courses and informed best practices. TILT instructional designers (IDers) provide peer reviews for online courses based on requests from faculty who are interested in improving their online courses. The IDers at TILT are certified OSCQR online course reviewers. OSCQR stands for Open SUNY Course Quality Review.

Open SUNY Course Quality Review
Open SUNY Course Quality Review

Why is OSCQR? 

Conceptually, the rubric and the online course review and refresh process are implemented as a professional development exercise designed to guide online faculty to use research-based effective practices and standards to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their online course design, rather than as an online course evaluation, or quality assurance procedure.

The OSCQR rubric is unique and differs from other online course quality rubrics in three main ways. 

  1. The OSCQR rubric specifically targets online course design. 50 standards are included to make sure of the quality of an online course. 
  2. It is not restricted to mature online courses. The TILT instructional designer team is striving to help faculty continuously improve their online courses, whether they are new or need to be revised. 
  3. It is non-evaluative. The rubric is used to help you identify areas for improvement instead of judging your course. 

The OSCQR rubric is divided into six sections that describe elements of best practices for each category.

OSCQR Framework
CC-BY-NC by Muhlenberg College Digital Learning Team

Self-assess your online course by applying the OSCQR rubric and consulting with an instructional designer at TILT if you have any questions about the rubric. If interested in a peer review, contact one of the instructional designers. 


Get OSCQR – OSCQR – SUNY Online Course Quality Review Rubric 

OSCQR rubric is an openly licensed resource developed by SUNY Online under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License. 

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