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TILTed Tech is a collaboration between Forsyth Library, Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies (TILT), and Technology Services. Topics covered range from professional skills to pedagogy and technology, and it is offered four times a year.

Fall 2021 Sessions: Assignments & Rubrics (Sept), Accessibility (Nov)

TILTed Tech Nov 2021: Accessibility for Inclusive Instruction

Accessibility best practices can make learning environments more inclusive for all. Whether you’re working to convert existing material to be more accessible or designing new content with accessibility in mind, this mini-conferences provides inspiration and ideas for implementing best practices and universal design. 

TILTED Tech Sept 2021: Assignment and Rubrics

Effective assignment and rubric design can clarify learning objectives, improve student performance, reduce questions, and improve grading. This mini-conference contains practical strategies for tweaking assignments, developing rubrics, and using rubrics to have an impact on your students.

Spring 2021 Sessions: OER (Feb), Community of Inquiry (Apr)