Converting to Ultra – Getting Help

Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies is gearing up FHSU’s big transition to Blackboard Ultra.

To smooth the process and guide faculty, we are hosting a variety of workshops, drop-in sessions, and courses to help.

We will be providing faculty with several resources to help during the conversion process.

Online Tutorials

In case you need some conversion assistance after-hours or just want a quick answer, we’ve created a small collection of tutorials for faculty.

These tutorials will help you with converting your course, re-structuring content, and how to fill your course with content.

You can access these tutorials here:

Ultra Training Courses

To learn how to use Blackboard Ultra, you can attend one of our asynchronous training courses. These courses cover the basics of Blackboard Ultra, such as creating content (i.e., pages, assignments, assessments), messaging students, and using the Ultra Grade Book.

These courses run for two weeks and consist of 8 modules, each lasting about one hour to complete. Moreover, these courses will have two optional, synchronous Zoom meetings – one each week. These optional Zoom meetings allow participants to ask TILT direct questions about using Ultra.

You can register for one of these Ultra training courses below:

November 7th -18th:

Conversion Workshops

To start you with Blackboard Ultra, TILT is hosting Conversion Workshops. These 90-minute events serve as your introduction to converting courses to Ultra. 

Each session will start with a Click-by-click Conversion demonstration. The conversion portion will ask attendees to follow along with the demonstration, which will end with participants having a fully converted Ultra course. 

Once the Click-by-click conversions are finished, TILT representatives will spend the rest of the session working directly with faculty. Attendees will be able to ask us specific questions about organizing their courses, adding content, and anything else related to transitioning your courses over.

You can register for a Conversion Workshop below:

November 2nd, 2 – 3:30 pm:

November 15th, 10 – 11:30 am:

Drop In Hours

If you have your courses converted and need some targeted help, TILT will also be hosting drop-in office hours.

These events will be first come, first serve. TILT representatives will be available to answer your questions regarding your newly converted Ultra courses. (These events will be for Ultra conversion questions only!!!!!) 

If you want to join us and ask some questions, please mark the dates below on your calendar and join us.

November 9th, 1 – 3 pm:

November 16th, 10 am – 12 pm:

We thank you for all of your hard work and we’re excited to help bring a new learning experience to our students.

Student Resources

The following link will take you to our Ultra student tutorial page. This tutorial provides students with an interactive Blackboard Ultra tutorial that covers four topics that are essential to student navigation: Accessing Content, Viewing Grades, Submitting Assignments, and Contributing to Discussion Boards.

The tutorial is a file that can be uploaded directly into your course.

You can access the file and tutorials on how to upload it at this link: