Do closed captions impact student learning? by eCampus News

A study conducted by Oregon State University discovered that closed captions on videos can benefit students in addition to satisfying ADA 508 compliance. Furthermore, the study suggests that students prefer having access to captions. According to eCampus News:

  • 71% of students surveyed without hearing disabilities say they use closed captioning.
  • 66% of ESL students find captions helpful.
  • 60% of students with learning disabilities use captions.
  • 52% of students using captioning claim it helps with overall comprehension.

The study also covers students’ feelings toward transcripts. According to the study:

  • 47% of students use transcripts as study guides.
  • 46% of students find information by using transcripts.
  • 34% use transcripts to help focus.

You can read eCampus News’ article here:

If you’re interested in efficiently using captions in your courses, Learning Technologies can help. We are currently piloting a new video content management system, VidGrid Video Recorder. VidGrid features One-Click captioning. Faculty can simply click on the ‘CC’ button in their video player, and within 24 hours the selected video will be fully ADA 508 compliant. VidGrid’s captioning service is  conducted by people in tandem with speech recognition software, ensuring user videos will be appropriately captioned.

Click here to see VidGrid One-Click captioning in action:

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