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By Nathan Riedel –

Dr. Linda Feldstein recently completed her doctorate in Curriculum Leadership. During her time as a doctoral student at William and Mary, she claims that courses were devoid of video use. Dr. Feldstein claims she only saw one video, “because it was a snow day.” Upon looking at Dr. Feldstein’s online courses, one can see that she favors and appreciates videos in education. “[Videos are] my way of providing a lecture…sort of,” says Feldstein. Dr. Feldstein’s online courses are two sections of TEEL 340: Classroom Management.  The course covers Tier 1 and 2 interventions within the classroom. “How do you engage students…create rules and consequences…[or]design a class where they can see and engage with each other,” says Feldstein in regards to the course. Dr. Feldstein practices what she teaches by using video. “It makes me feel better about online teaching,” explains Feldstein.

Dr. Linda Feldstein, Instructor of Teacher Education

In order to make a video, Dr. Feldstein uses VidGrid Video Platform. VidGrid allows users to quickly and easily record videos of their screens or using their webcams. Dr. Feldstein uses VidGrid to create videos to help her students understand forthcoming modules or sections in her course. “The first week is an introduction video to a new module,” says Feldstein,” then, I use video in the second week to introduce new content.” Dr. Feldstein explains that she might make a video for the third week depending on how much reading is assigned.  However, Dr. Feldstein points out that she doesn’t use video exclusively for content delivery. According to her, Dr. Feldstein will create “one video to walk them through the last big assignment.” This “one video” acts as a bit of guide to what is expected. Dr. Feldstein only has 25 videos uploaded to VidGrid, but her videos have been viewed 828, or approximately 33 views per video (as of the writing of this article). When asked how she conjures so many views, Dr. Feldstein laughingly exclaims, “I don’t know.” “I try to keep my average video length between 15 and 25 minutes,” says Feldstein, “I also send out Notifications [when a new video is created].”

Dr. Feldstein’s most viewed video: Classroom Management Theorists pt. 1.

Dr. Feldstein has certainly seen plenty of success since starting her use of VidGrid back in August of 2016. Furthermore, she does have a few tips for others looking to create videos. “Try to keep [videos] short…close all non-essential tabs [on your browser] …and be mindful of your background,” suggests Feldstein. Overall, Dr. Feldstein is pleased about using VidGrid in her online courses. “VidGrid gets you closer to a class discussion,” claims Feldstein, “It’s so easy to use.” Additionally, the students in TEEL 340 seem to like the use of videos as well. Feldstein says feedback is “always positive from students that email [her].” Altogether, Dr. Feldstein’s use of video in online courses has been a visible success.

A video of Dr. Feldstein sharing the screen–via her webcam–with her Blackboard course.

If you have any interest in implementing video in your courses or in VidGrid Video Platform, contact tigerlearn@fhsu.edu.

For further information on VidGrid check out our review of VidGrid.

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