DIY Course Copy in Blackboard

Designing a course is certainly a tremendous undertaking. Luckily—if you already have your course designed—Blackboard is equipped with a feature that allows for any completed course to be copied onto an empty course shell. While this process used to be done via a request/ticket system, the demand for Course Copy proved to be too overwhelming. Therefore, Learning Technologies has decided to allow faculty the ability to complete a Course Copy on their own.

Prior to activating this feature, faculty used to submit a ticket and wait three to four business days for the course to duplicate. Now, faculty can copy any of their previous courses themselves in mere minutes. All faculty need to complete a Course Copy is a fully designed Blackboard course and an empty course shell in Blackboard. The following video will show you how to step-by-step instructions how to perform a Course Copy in both Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra:

Original Course Copy

Ultra Course Copy

Additionally, if you’re a faculty member whose courses contain Articulate Lectures, you will need to perform a special Course Copy. This link will show you how to check your course for Articulate Lectures: Checking for Articulate Lectures

After you’ve checked your course, this link will provide you with a video on how to Course Copy if your course has Articulate Lectures: Blackboard Course Copy with Articulate Lecture

If you would still like Course Copy to be done by our team, you can submit a ticket using the following link:

If you have any questions regarding Course Copy, please contact us at

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