Feedback Fruits (New for Fall 2021)

Feedback Fruits has built their suite of tools around the belief that skills like critical thinking and higher-order thinking can be cultivated through active learning. These tools will allow instructors to easily design complex activities by standardizing some of the logistics and heavy lifting of tracking student progress. The tools will also make it easier for students to participate in these activities because of the intuitive interface that is built into Blackboard. 

Below is our Feedback Fruits Intro Podcast from 2021 Fall Professional Development Day

Episode 1: Piloting Feedback Fruits
Episode 1: Piloting Feedback Fruits

Here are some features common to all Feedback Fruits tools: 

  • Integrated into Blackboard 
  • Come with real-time data analytics on student progress.  
  • Standardized so the look and feel for each Learning Activity and workflow of each activity. This means that teachers and students do not need to familiarize themselves with a different look and feel when using new tools, as they all work the same.  
  • All users, student or instructor, have access to online support chat, where users can ask questions on how to use the tools directly to Feedback Fruits support team.  
  • All tools comply with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

Featured Tools: 

These links describe the tools and will even help you set up assignments in Blackboard. 

Automated Feedback 

Interactive Study Materials 

Group Member Evaluation 

Peer Review 

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