User-Friendly Video Studio Opens at Forsyth Library

Forsyth Library and Learning Commons is excited to announce the opening of a new Media Lab. This “One-Button Studio” is user-friendly way for faculty, staff, and students to create their own video productions.

All one has to do is walk into the lab, take one of the flash drives from the jar, insert it into the USB hub, and all of the professional lights turn on. Then, turn off the fluorescent overhead lights, position yourself on camera and hit the “one button.” A five second countdown cues you to begin your presentation. When you’re finished, hit the button again and pull out the flash drive when prompted. The video lights will turn off and your flash drive will contain an .mp4 of your recording ready to upload or edit as you see fit.

Additional features include the ability to replace the background using green screen technology (minor video editing required), or display a PowerPoint or other video source on a presentation screen.

Creating a reservation to use the lab is also easy. Visit and choose your time slot. When you arrive for your reservation, check in at the Learning Commons Desk and they will give you access to the room.

If you have questions about the new Forsyth Library and Learning Commons Media Lab, please contact the Learning Commons Coordinator, Andy Tincknell at or 5494.

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