Blackboard End of the Semester Checklist

The following are guidelines you can use as a checklist for preparing Blackboard courses for future semesters. We have listed the checklist followed by the guideline descriptions. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Tiger Tech ( at (785) 628-3478 or at (FOR FACULTY AND STAFF ONLY).


Entering Zeros in Grade Center

Instructors need to put in zeros in the Grade center if students did not submit their assignments or exams. Otherwise, the system will not calculate the assignment or exam and will consider that the student got a 100% on the assignment or exam that they did not complete. This will reflect on the final grade of the student. Open the hyperlink to learn how to Enter a Grade in the Grade Center.

Download Grades from Grade Center

You will want to download grades to your computer as a permanent record at the end of each semester. Once you have downloaded the grades you will be able to open the file in MS Excel or   another similar spreadsheet program to view the grades. You may also want to download your Grade Center throughout the semester. For more information on How to Download Grade from the Grade Center, open the hyperlink.

Make Courses Unavailable         

Once a semester has ended, we recommend you make the course site unavailable to the students. By doing this, the section listing will no longer show up on the students Course List in Blackboard Home Page. Please note that: Exceptions might include keeping the course open to process incompletes or as a courtesy to students who request to have ongoing access. (Note: If you have included copyrighted materials in your Bb site(s), you cannot legally extend access past the end of the semester. There are two options to make your course unavailable:

  1. You can use the traditional way, Go to Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability> No
  2. You can use the new feature Qwickly that allows you to make courses unavailable in one button.


*Note that FHSU policies states that if you do not make the course unavailable to students, FHSU is required to do so 2 weeks after the semester officially ends.

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