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FeedbackFruits Blackboard-integrated tool suite is an all-in-one solution to boost student engagement and collaboration in any course setting. This post introduces their Automated Feedback tool.

Automated Feedback is an AI powered feedback tool for student papers. This tool serves as guide for students, letting them see smaller issues in their writing before submission. Students can use Automated Feedback prior to submitting their papers for a grade to locate and address redundant words, word count, and even number of references used in their paper. Automated Feedback allows faculty to view the recommendations provided to each student, saving time by not needing to manually scan papers for small errors.

TILT is also happy to share some Automated Feedback updates. First, Feedback Fruits has released new features to Automated Feedback. These features aim to address several common issues students encounter while writing, such as Passive Voice, Past/Present Tense, and even if citations were used correctly. Students can also tell Automated Feedback how accurate it’s feedback is. Since Feedback Fruits uses AI for Automated Feedback, the system’s accuracy improves with each students’ opinion.

Second, TILT is happy to provide faculty with TILT Templates for Automated Feedback. These templates allow faculty to setup feedback activities in Blackboard with little effort. Simply request a template from TILT, setup the assignment in Blackboard, and choose the TILT Template when starting. TILT Templates can be used as is or edited to fit your needs. You may request 4 different templates:

  1. Basic – This template is meant to reflect the basic writing skills FHSU students are expected to demonstrate.
  2. Segmented – This template comes with pre-designated sections. Simply, rename the sections to your desired titles or add new sections, and Automated Feedback will determine if student submissions follow your desired structure.
  3. Research Article – This template comes with all you need for a standard research article: pre-assigned segments (Introduction, Lit Review, Methods, etc.), Reference Count, and grammar criteria.
  4. Data Report – This template aims to show students the ropes of delivering numbers in a written report. Students will receive feedback on their grammar, whether they are using table and figures, etc.

Finally, TILT is also excited to highlight additional features in Feedback Fruits.

  1. Peer Review – With Peer Review, better coordinate peer review assignments by setting due dates and how many peer reviews students will receive.
  2. Interactive Video – This tool turns videos into more engaging experiences for students by enhancing them with in-video quizzes and discussion prompts.
  3. Group Member Review – Want to know what your students think of the team members during group projects? This Feedback Fruits tool lets faculty select evaluation criteria, the weight of each criterion, and even when feedback is released to students – so you can review and ensure feedback fosters a safe and efficient learning environment.

TILT is excited to keep providing Feedback Fruits and its incredible suite of tools. As FHSU moves forward, continue to check-in with TILT regarding the new and exciting features in Feedback Fruits. For more information on Feedback Fruits, Automated Feedback, Peer Review, or any of the other amazing tools in Feedback Fruits suite, please contact us at or

For more information on Feedback Fruits, please visit the following sites:

Automated Feedback:

Peer Review:

Interactive Video:

Group Member Review:

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