Honorlock Practice Exam

Taking a test is a stressful process for students and much more stressful for some than others. Think about how nerve-racking it was when an instructor was looking over your shoulder when you were taking an exam. Anxiety and lost concentration are not a great formula for successful test completion. One thing students dislike is the feeling that someone is ‘watching them’ while they are taking their exams. FHSU uses Honorlock, in part because students are not being watched by a human proctor while they are taking a test. Instead, a proctor is only alerted if a test protocol is triggered. If, for instance, a student disappears from the screen, a proctor will pop-in through a chat box to see if there is an issue. It is important that students and faculty understand that this will be part of the experience.

Providing a practice test for students to experience using Honorlock early in the semester is a great way to alleviate anxiety and prepare students for the, already stressful, process of taking an exam. Not only does it help students realize and reflect on the struggles they have when taking a test, it also allows faculty to use data from the practice test to make informed decisions on their instruction. At the same time, it could be a way to help students understand the rationale in using Honorlock to maintain academic integrity.

Creating a practice test with Honorlock on Blackboard requires only a few simple steps. For faculty who are especially pressed for time, Honorlock has created a simple practice exam content that can be downloaded and used using the Honorlock LTI. Click on the title below to learn how you can create a practice exam within the Honorlock LTI.

If you have any questions, please contact TILT at TigerLearn@fhsu.edu.

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