Packback: Upgrade and Streamline your Online Discussions with AI

Packback is an AI-supported discussion tool that is designed to encourage students to think critically and engage more deeply in course topics when working on discussions. It includes many features meant to encourage participation and improvement, such as real-time feedback and coaching to students, plagiarism detection, curiosity points, and learner leaderboards.   

Packback offloads the administrative burden of facilitating high-quality discussion so faculty can focus on what they do best – teaching and engaging students! For our continued research partnership, we are looking for instructors who are passionate about student-led discussion. 

Watch the video below created by Packback to get an overview of how this discussion tool works. 

Packback Questions is already integrated into Blackboard so you can quickly add it to your course content. The following video provides a quick guide on how to do so.

The titles below contain links to sites where you can learn more about Packback.

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