Creating Accessible Instructional Videos

Do you want everyone to access your instructional videos, but you don’t know where to start? Here is few tips and tools to make your videos accessible.

Tips to create accessible videos

Creating accessible videos required some thoughtful planning at the beginning of video content creation.

  1. Use high color contrast text to make the content readable.
  • Identify visual content that need to be explained during the instructional video.

Note: Visually impaired students will not be able to understand the visual content without auditory explanation. It is important to provide detail descriptions of the visual content. Having detailed auditory explanations can easily be added to captions which will benefit students with auditory impairment.

  • Create script for video content before recording. Having script help you develop clear descriptions of visual content and will reduce the captioning process.


FHSU faculty have access to multimedia tools that help you create accessible instructional video without spending a significant amount time. 


VoiceThread bridges the gap between real-time discussions and standard video lectures or online presentations. Closed captioning features in VoiceThread can atomically generate captions for both lectures and students’ audio and video comments. If you want more accurate captions, you can edit the captions.

Please view Using closed captioning for more information. 

Our university has the Platinum Service Tier with VoiceThread. Every audio or video recording in our institutional VT can be captioned automatically. Captions will appear in 5-10 minutes depending on the length of your recording.  


VidGrid Video Platform is a great tool to make your instructional video accessible. VidGrid provide request captioning and machine captioning. If you want more accurate closed captioning, you can edit the closed captioning of the Video. Do you want to share transcript with your students? With VidGrid, you can download transcript of instructional video and share it with your students.

Adding Video Captions

Editing Video Captions  

Our university has interactive captions with VidGrid, please read this article on Interactive Captions to learn about this function. Below is a video detailing how to add captions to your videos using VidGrid.

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