How to Integrate Active Learning into Your Classroom

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Encouraging students to be active in the classroom is not only crucial for their learning experience, but also helps them exercise higher-level thinking skills that could end up being lost otherwise. Utilizing active learning during lectures and presentations leads students be more attentive and engaged, while also alleviating the pressures of lecturing with no interaction from the audience — we all know how uncomfortable that is. Discussions are the most popular form of active learning, but there are many other ways to engage students in the classroom.

An article found on describes a wide range of ways to increase active learning within the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. These might include:

  • Flipped classroom approach (peer instruction or peer-group discussion)
  • Discussion and debate
  • Decision-making activities
  • Demonstrations

To read the full article and for more details on active learning follow this link:

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