Update: VidGrid Blackboard Integration

VidGrid has just announced brand new functionality to their Blackboard Integration where instructors can access all of VidGrid’s features directly in Blackboard. No longer will users be directed outside of Blackboard to use the tool, but instead have a nice, clean transition from one area to the next. Both instructors and students understand the annoyance of being required to leave Blackboard to utilize an outside tool. With this new functionality, there will be a seamless transition directly to VidGrid.

To allow for this integration, instructors just need to create a new VidGrid portal within their course menu on Blackboard. VidGrid has provided a step-by-step instructional video on how to do this. The video is shown below.

If you have any questions regarding VidGrid or if you need assistance adding VidGrid to your Blackboard account, please contact TILT at tigerlearn@fhsu.edu.

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