3 Minutes With Nathan Riedel & Akindi

3 Minutes With highlights specific technology enhanced learning tools by showcasing how certain faculty members utilize them. In each episode, each faculty member will explain in three minutes why and how they implemented a specific technology enhanced learning tools and the results. In the next three minutes, Nathan Riedel will demonstrate how Akindi was utilized to help several instructors with administering exams.

What issue(s) were you hoping to address by implementing Akindi ?

With Akindi, we were wanting provide faculty with the ability to still issue exams on bubble sheets while also giving them the ability to house exam creation and reports digitally. Additionally, every one of the new Multi-Function Printers in each department would essentially become a scantron machine when coupled with Akindi.

Akindi Sheets scanning through a Multi-Function Printer

How did the features of Akindi benefit those using it?

The most appealing feature of Akindi is how easily it works with Blackboard. Akindi links easily through content areas, and, after exams have been administered and uploaded to Akindi, instructors can send student grades to Blackboard by clicking a button. Additionally, creating answer keys in Akindi is all digital and is done by clicking buttons on the screen. Finally, as mentioned earlier, Akindi allows every Multi-Function Printer on campus to act as a scantron. All in all, the process of creating, printing, and scanning exams, along with entering student grades into Blackboard, takes far less time than actually administering the exams to students.

Creating an answer key in Akindi

What kind of feedback did you receive?

Feedback from the instructors that used Akindi was incredibly positive. We had 5 instructors administer exams using Akindi (that’s out of the 25-30 that still use bubble sheets). Those 5 instructors created and uploaded 15 exams—and/or quizzes—using Akindi. Finally, those 15 exams resulted in 387 sheets being scanned and uploaded to Akindi. I was incredibly pleased by how enthusiastic faculty became once discovering Akindi.

FHSU’s usage statistics from our Akindi representative.

Any Advice for future users?

I have three pieces of advice for any instructor wanting to use Akindi. First, contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies; we’ll make sure you get set up correctly in Blackboard and help you walk through the process step-by-step. Second, double-check your roster. The last thing you would want on test day would be to be missing a student or two. Finally, just make sure you fill out your answer key correctly. Akindi does allow you to edit your key easily, but doing so will save you time in the end.

TILT’s Contact Information

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If you’re interested in trying Akindi, contact Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies at tigerlearn@fhsu.edu.

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