Ten Commandments of Instructional Design According to ChatGPT

Luke Hobsen, A Senior Instructional Designer from MIT asked ChatGPT to write the 10 Commandments of instructional design and to make sure it sounded like it came from the Bible. Here is the response.

1. Thou shalt begin with the end in mind, for the design of instruction must serve a specific purpose and achieve a specific goal.

2. Thou shalt know thy audience, for the design of instruction must be tailored to the needs, abilities, and interests of those who will receive it.

3. Thou shalt use examples and stories to make instruction more memorable and meaningful, for the power of narrative is great.

4. Thou shalt break instruction into manageable pieces, for the mind can only absorb so much at once.

5. Thou shalt repeat key concepts and reinforce learning through practice, for repetition is the mother of retention.

6. Thou shalt use varied and engaging activities to maintain interest and promote learning, for a bored mind cannot learn.

7. Thou shalt make instruction relevant to the real world, for application of knowledge is the true measure of learning.

8. Thou shalt use assessments to gauge learning and adjust instruction accordingly, for the wise instructor heeds the feedback of the learner.

9. Thou shalt use technology to enhance instruction, but not rely on it exclusively, for technology is a tool, not a substitute for good design.

10. Thou shalt always strive to improve thy instruction, for the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey.

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