PackBack Launches ‘Teach with GPT’

Packback Labs, the product innovation arm of AI-enabled education platform Packback, has launched a free suite of tools called “Teach with GPT”. Packback Questions, is an inquiry-based discussion platform that has been available to instructors at FHSU since Spring 2020.

Available now for use, the new “Teach With GPT” toolkit offers instructors the opportunity to leverage ChatGPT in their courses as a constructive and additive teaching and learning tool.

In support of the launch of the new suite of tools, Packback hosted an informative and insightful webinar on February 15 on how to better use GPT technologies and other generative AI technologies in the classroom. Here is the recording of the webinar.

Packback Labs will continue to build and release new tools as part of Teach with GPT, but the initial suite of resources at launch includes:

  • CheckGPT: Check text to see if it is AI Generated. Paste text to check if it contains AI-generated text from a tool like ChatGPT or other AI text generator, along with an easy-to-read explanation of the analysis. Gain transparency to help inform how to guide students to use tools like ChatGPT and to help encourage academic honesty.
  • “Fact-Check the AI” Assignment Generator: Generate an essay with factual errors (and answer key) for students to find and correct. Teach editing, research, and fact-checking skills by tasking students to correct an AI-generated essay with known factual errors.
  • Closed-Ended vs. Open-Ended Questions with GPT: Help students revise closed-ended questions into open-ended questions. There’s no such thing as a “bad question”…but there are certainly better questions than others for inspiring critical thinking! Use this tool to help students revise closed-ended questions into an open-ended question for better discussion and critical thinking.
  • Course-to-Career Connector: Help students find their “why”. This tool is for any instructor who has ever had a student say, “Why do I have to take this class?”. This helpful experimental tool allows instructors (or students) to input a students’ career goals and the name of your course or lesson to help find the connection between what you’re teaching and what a student’s long term goals are.

Teach with GPT is available now, and the tools can be accessed for free at

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